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 F U C K

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PostF U C K

this needs to come out
right now.
Hopefully we'll get a UDK 4.

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F U C K :: Comments

Re: F U C K
Post on Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:34 pm  neveda0
And who will model and animate this?
I mean.
F uck.
Re: F U C K
Post on Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:31 am  anonymous14z
I think those visuals seem superfluous. I've seen various games whom use older CG to a similar effect (perhaps to better effect), such as the diablo 2 cinematics or starcraft's cinematics (as well as tau fire warrior's). I feel "those who try" don't need to bother themselves with this tech as it would dramatically increase the amount of time needed to do cutscenes (assuming they are aiming for this level of quality), which would probably (as I would) just be meet with a somewhat impressed "huh" by those who witness it.

But as for the gameplay options this tech may enable (such as the inviso-cover suggestion) I am adamantly for this, provided atunlimited (and any other members of "those who try") isn't overburdened with a too much stuff to code.

I am only for this if this makes things EASIER not HARDER, but I'm just an active poster (your only active non-dev poster) so I am not in touch with the specialized knowledge of "those who try". So I might not be seeing things as you would.
Re: F U C K
Post on Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:31 pm  neveda0
Also, I'd have to check again, but isn't UDK the beta release for Unreal? Now, I know we don't have all the funstuff for unreal 4, but wouldn't we get it first? Since UDK is the guinea pig for the official unreal release.
Anyway. I'm going to download UDK and see if I can't be useful. However much of a writer I may be, we need people to do technical stuff. I have programming experience. I'm a bright boy, or so they tell me. I may be able to learn a new skill quickly enough to be useful.
Re: F U C K
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