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 A mild concern (alarmist ads possibly with computer worms)

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PostSubject: A mild concern (alarmist ads possibly with computer worms)   Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:12 pm

The ads on this forum are a just screaming click me! click me! or "your computer is infected" or "download" in a seemingly innocuous manner, but these ads seem to me to give off an aura that they contain computer worms/viruses and I'm concerned about any potentially naive users who might happen to get scared by these things might follow through with what these ads propose (the one I see currently makes no propositions) and get themselves infected.

I clicked just one (to test) and after the new tab closed, my browser thought I was downloading something, I wasn't even redirected to another website. I was suddenly meet with a download window, which is scarily immediate and low entry for a something that we would scrutinize.

I know I risk sounding like a nanny here, but I feel this is a bit of a breach of informal-unwritten internet safety protocols.

I'm not making a demand here, I'm just voicing my concern, since I know you get money to support your website through them. (you might want to delete this thread like a 3rd world dictator so your forum looks perfect "think a ministry of truth"). pale

(ignore the following)

1. how do I wake better notes?
2. how do I convert advice into habit?
3. what are some of the factors of note taking?
4. How are notes effective or inneffective
5. how do I integrate thought intoe reading?
6. what is thought?
7. How can reading be harmed or enhanced by questions?
8. is the pay-off of learning SQ3R worth it?
9. What were some instances of directed reading?
10. how do questions supress thought?

ENHANCEMENT, to mitigate the costs of memorizing questions, try and convert questions into "feelings"? (may be harmful)

Questions supress thought when you are actively looking for the facts of your questions,

11. what are ineffective questions like?

11a. What are effective questions like?

http://www.columbia.edu/cu/tat/pdfs/asking_effective_questions.pdf (look inside)

12. Is the tempo disruption of note taking ever mentioned in guidance texts?

13. What is the payoff of speed reading?

Attributes of speed reading.
1. Very fast
2. Minimal comprehension
3. Nuances of words mostly ignored
4. demanding stressful (learn to relax it)

Speed reading would be best suited to light reading that doesn't really have very many nuances in it, it also largely ignores details for generalities.

Since most reading is about generalities and not about precision (literally only 4-6 intertwining facts per writing) this would be a useful agumentation .

14. What is important about this class?

Helps me suffer, (but I could already do that with concentrated effort)

1. what were some instances of me using questions to generate interest?
a. When I was reading someones GDD I was puzzled by some inconsistancies in their logic and

2. Why in those instances was the asking of questions effective?
Because I was effectively proof reading it, and I was attempting to summerize some of the gameplay features which functioned as effective questions.

3. What my disposition toward the subject and what was I doing?
I was interested because the subject was an escape for me and I had a general interest in gameplay design. I also thought the game had the highest chance of succcess out of all the other projects.


questions are antagonistic toward speed reading.

questions are synergistic toward slower reading.


Speed reading is good for acquiring generalizations of text which makes it especially useful as surveying.

A difficulty I cannot explain readily.

I am surmounted by this feeling, this disposition toward the lasting, moralistic, eternal. Why be a brony, a video game player, a writer when I could be a scientist who discovers the nature of reality, or a peace corps volunteer who helps others (in some unknown way). These latter labels seem almost infinitely more important than the former. The former exists only in the preseant, only to be phased out in a few years and only for the purposes of entertainment, but the facts uncovered by the scientst, the morality of the peace corps seem more.

I rebel against the TV culture that I am hypnotized by.

But why should I think that things like bronydom, videogaming, writing are damaging?

I concluded that awhile back that a person, no matter how devoted or interested in his tasks, will have to rest himself from them. Which leads me to believe, is it really that bad that I am a brony,video gamer, writer? So long as they function as effective recreational activities for me? Is it really having a distraction that bad so long as it doesn't interfere with your tasks?

Now comes the criticism that I may not be using the recreational time I have effectively, which leads to these questions.

1. Do I enjoy bronydom?
2. Does bronydom enable me to engage in a desireable activity?
3. Are there other medias (star trek, planetside 2) that might be a better substitution for brony related activities?

This is a unfinished post.

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PostSubject: Re: A mild concern (alarmist ads possibly with computer worms)   Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:18 pm

Ah, no. Ads are ads, I don't think I can disable them. They are very very very VERY VERY bad to click, so make sure you don't click 'em.

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PostSubject: Re: A mild concern (alarmist ads possibly with computer worms)   Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:45 pm

I suppose that the dangers on the website will inspire/reflect some of the gameplay mechanics/environments in the game, like toxic waste barrels that emit poison gas clouds, brilliant and iridescent bear(pony) traps in the game, cheery deathtraps, mutated vegetation, fake health kits poison you, and feral rabbits.

(I hope I don't exceed the "posts motivated by mild annoyance" limit.)
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PostSubject: Re: A mild concern (alarmist ads possibly with computer worms)   

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A mild concern (alarmist ads possibly with computer worms)
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