A MLP-inspired Unity game.
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 Introduce yourself!

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PostSubject: Introduce yourself!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:11 pm

I'm Alexander.
List of my aliases:

Piedoom and Piedoom0
Senntenial (music)

I've been using Valve's Source Engine for quite some time now, helping model and map for games such as Fall of Saigon. I heard about the Unreal engine, but never really explored it until now. I found it to be a dream, so much more artistic freedom. So this is a project I've made to get comfortable with it.

About me:
I'm an avid Brony, obviously.
I use FL Studio to create my soundtracks, Blender to create my models, and Photoshop elements for textures.
Also, I'm perpetually and annoyingly sarcastic.

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Introduce yourself!
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