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 Piedoom is a lazy flank

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Piedoom is a lazy flank Empty
PostPiedoom is a lazy flank

Yeah. Well, we will be easing back into development. Past few weeks have been a bit crazy, not to mention I've been working religiously on my Balloon Party song.
'nyway, I deem this week to be "Make the development Team work so hard that they die" week. So this will be fun.


censored by my own forum...

Piedoom is a lazy flank 2he91z5
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Piedoom is a lazy flank :: Comments

Re: Piedoom is a lazy flank
Post on Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:34 pm  neveda0
That CAD!
It should know better than to censor you!
Also, this is probably the last week this month I can do any serious work.
Next week is hay week.
Week after that is finals.
Week after that I start research for the summer.
I'll do what I can, but my updates will be sporadic for a while.
Also, we won't be able to contact RabidNudist over the summer. His internet loads about one page every couple of hours.

Piedoom is a lazy flank

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