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PostSubject: suggestion dump   suggestion dump I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 03, 2012 5:52 am

This thread will contain various ideas that I think up, so that I don't spam the suggestions broad to express them, and so I have a polite place to dump my suggestions instead of developing them for formal display which generally constricts the number of ideas that I display here on the forum, (I think that if I suggest enough things here, eventually a couple of good ideas will pop up). My posts in this thread will be edited frequently. Feel free to modify my ideas as much as you wish.


-Stealth mode: (reviewed) refers to the state where the player (or any AI) is entirely undetected in an area, and the AI opposing the player has not alerted the AI beforehand. Generally you start all encounters in the game in this state.

-combat mode: (reviewed) refers to the state where the player (or the AI) is known by the AI and is making attempts at finding the player or attacking the player. You generally want to avoid this mode.


When triggered, all AI and the player will suddenly have their vision distances severely reduced as if a cloud of thick fog is in front of their eyes, making it possible to rapidly pass through enemies without having to worry about getting fired upon or detected, when cast all AI will become aware of the event (it cannot be used to maintain stealth mode but is used as a supplement to combat mode) works against enemies possessing alternate sensors (can be changed) and lasts for 9 seconds, Has a cooldown of 90 seconds and uses 50 of 100 points of magic.

This ability can be tweaked by the developers (such as making the ability undetectable by AI when used in a stealthed state) or by giving it a shorter cooldown.

The ability was inspired by diablo 2's "cloak of shadows" ability given to the assassin class.
But seemingly more similar to the necromancer's dim vision ability.

--RECONNAISSANCE SPHERE: (reviewed) Fires out a rather large (the diameter of 6 ponies from nose to tail tip) slow moving (about .3 times player walking speed) sphere which penetrates walls and/or other things, items, enemies, allies, traps, ect which are hit by the sphere are "light up" such that you will get a rather bright orange silhouette for them, (the colors and transparency can vary for items, distance, ect) which shows through the walls for about 10 seconds. AI struck by the sphere are not aware that it happened, unless if that AI had detecting attributes. Has a cooldown of 10 seconds. Uses 15 of 100 magic points.

--RECONNAISSANCE SPHERE(2): (reviewed) Deploys a rather large (the diameter of 6 ponies from nose to tail tip) sphere which penetrates walls and/or other things, items, enemies, allies, traps, ect which are hit by the sphere are "light up" such that you will get a rather bright orange silhouette for them, (the colors and transparency can vary for items, distance, ect) which shows through the walls for about 10 seconds. AI struck by the sphere are not aware that it happened, unless if that AI had detecting attributes. Costs 5 magic initially to cast, then costs 1 magic per second to maintain, but does not disrupt magic regeneration.
The sphere is controlled by controlled by simply looking in a direction and the sphere (which moves at about .4 times the forward run speed of the player) will try and align itself such that the center of the sphere is in the player's crosshairs. The Z-depth (distance from player) can be adjusted by using the mouse wheel. This effectively creates a coordinate that the sphere will travel directly towards.

(recon spheres can be modified to show a timer when around detecting ponies, instead of automatic detection. They can also be modified to 'blot out" segments of the player's screen such that objects between the player and the sphere are invisible (the nearby TV will be invisible if the sphere is behind it) , so that the sphere can show objects within it's influence as if you were looking at it through an X-ray sniper scope)

--TELEPATHY (CAMERA STYLE): (reviewed) Deploys a flying undetectable magical eye that is used to spy on enemies, It has the FOV of the player, and moves at 0.2 times the speed of forward running, when deployed the player's perspective shifts to the eye, rendering the player unable to control his character. (can be modified to interact with the environment such as pressing buttons)

--INVISO COVER: (reviewed) summon a stationary barrier of light altering magic that displays an outline of itself on one side (the visible side) which is only visible to the player and from a range of 9 meters, and is completely invisible on another side (the cloaking side). Players behind the barrier on the visible side will appear completely invisible from a viewer looking at the barrier from the cloaking side. The cover is see-throughable from the visible side so that the player can continue to spy on enemies in 1st person while maintaining their stealth. The cover does not block bullets or objects or ponies, it only obfuscates visibility without being conspicuous.

The barrier takes 0.5 seconds to cast (after the player has selected a rotation and location), and takes another 2 seconds to form, and lasts for 13.5 seconds once formed, the barrier's colors will change from blue to red (on the visible side) to display how much time is left in the barrier additionally there will be a timer displayed on the visible side displaying how much time is left. The player can infuse the barrier with magic by putting their crosshairs on it and pressing the "use" button to increase it's lifespan back to the original 13.5 seconds but at the cost of 0.5 magic per second restored (this happens instantly), the player needs to be within 10 meters of the barrier in order to restore the barrier. The barrier costs 16 out of 100 points of magic to cast.
Casting, formation, restoring, and dissipation of the barrier is non-luminous (doesn't make light),silent, and visually subtle, but the barrier is at no point detectable from the cloaking side.

If the barrier is shot or struck from the visible side, the barrier will dissipate (so that the barrier isn't used as gunport which grants lasting invisibility).

When casting the barrier the player is allotted 6 seconds of 0.1 times normal time (slowmo) to select a location (achieved by placing your crosshairs at a location) after which the time is set to 4 seconds to select a rotation (with Z rotation locked and with the barrier starting out being perpendicular to the player's z-axis viewport). If the player exceeds the slomo time allotted the spell will consume additional magic at the cost of 1 per real life second, if the player runs out of magic during this time, the spell fizzles and you get the 9 out of 16 points of magic back.

The barrier has 3 templates, which the player can cast from a quick pop up menu that appears when the player wants to cast the spell (the template is selected like in the game crysis's and it's suit mode selection).
The first template is a low wide rectangle that the player can crouch behind but it tall enough to provide protection from snipers in watchtowers.
The second template is a high square that the player should use around stairs or when the player is falling or jumping or when approaching something.
The third template is a high semicircle that has just enough room for yourself.


I imagine this would promote a lot of wall hugging in it's current form, something might be modified to mitigate against this.

1. imagine you are in the corner of a room about the size of a basketball court and there are 4 enemy ponies patrolling around, with various cover objects around the area and with some nice items in the middle of the room, with the exit consisting of a door at the far side. you could use this to sneak around the edges of the room and after observing the paths of the ponies, then after enough time has passed, you could proceed to the center using the high square template, once in the "danger zone" you use the semicircle template to in addition with cover objects to enable you to go invisible, only proceeding once you are in a security hole, continuing this, you make your way to the center. where the goods are elevated on tables, but this time you wait until you are only
being viewed from a single angle,then once that happens you set up a high square, and loot the table, and then following the infiltration techniques (walling up and waiting for security holes) you enter the perimeter, where you use the high square template to make an escape.

2. you could use it to sneak by a sniper in a watchtower by repeatedly casting this in front of yourself

(insert details)

suggestion dump Untitled3
(with the player in the center, observers in the green zone cannot see the player, observers in the yellow zone can kinda see the player (visibility varies depending on the angle), observers in the red zone can see the player)

Invisibility that in only effective against viewers looking at the player from a certain angles or orientation (such as cloaking your front or sides). The ability costs 20 out of 100 points of magic and lasts for 10 seconds, the direction of invisibility is set by facing a direction (if an observer is above or below the "disc" that represents the angle of invisibility, the cloaker will still be invisible, The cloaking is cylindrical-ish not spherical) and activating the ability, which makes observers viewing you from that infinitesimal angle and 22.5 degrees in both side angles (45 degrees) not see you, It addition there is a linear visibility falloff for angles beyond that 22.5 degrees that extends outwards 67.5 degrees (180) in both directions with visibility at ~1 when precisely at the tip of the 180 degrees, and visibility ~0 when 22.5 degrees away from the "middle" of the "disc". The player is Visible from behind.
The abilities's "disc" is not parented to the player (it doesn't rotate) and is set. But the player can convert it into 2 alternates at the cost of 7 magic which refreshes the duration of the invisibility, 1. a parented "disc" that is set depending on the direction the player is facing. 2. a player controlled disc ,the player controls manually by holding down a button (Middle Mouse Button) and from a circular "menu" with the mouse cursor in the middle, rotates the disc.
The disc's influence is visible in the first person through through 3 rings, with one at about head height of the player and one above the player's head height, and one around his feet. (so that the player can always see a ring no matter the up-down viewing of the player). with color coding on the rings, where blue=observers from that angle can't see you, yellow=observers can see part of you depending on the distance from the "center point", red=observers can see you. (or you could use fallout 3's compass system).

Creates a decoy on the selected ground, enemies who see the decoy act as if it were you. (see paragraph 1A for more info)

Creates a decoy at the selected ground, enemies who see the decoy act as if it were a sniper. (see paragraph 1A for more info)

1A (attributes of decoys) Is placed on ground that the crosshair is over (will not work when fired at walls), or at 3 "bookmarked"points which are acquired by placing your crosshairs at a location and pressing the "store location button" (G), with the same placement restrictions as conventional usage of the decoy summons. The player summons decoys at locations by placing their crosshairs near a bookmarked spot, and pressing SHIFT-S (shift backwards).

The ability works much like the ability "eagle eye" in wow.
You use the ability by selecting it from a list of abilities, and then you aim at a location with your crosshair and fire, your view will immediately switch to a camera that is summoned at the point you fired at. You will lose control of your character, but gain control of a flying camera, you can freely rotate the camera and you can move the camera a short distances from the selected point (about 1 meter).
The camera lasts for 15 seconds and consumes 20 points of magic to cast, if your character is struck the camera is destroyed and you will return to controlling your character , If you press the "extend duration" option while in camera mode, when the 15 seconds elapses, the camera will drain 1 magic per second. The camera will dissipate when you run out of magic, or when you cancel the ability early.

In an attempt to make deployable cameras practical (rather than looking constantly through them to see enemies) I have made cameras cast DEBUFFS.

Your character throws out (or casts) a invisible camera that sticks to the first collideable object (excluding yourself and AI) it contacts such that it face is parallel with the surface normal of the face it struck (facing outwards of course), the camera then projects out a viewing frustrum from it's face that detects any enemies within it and in LOS of the camera with a maximum distance of 100 meters.

Enemies detected by the camera show up on the player's screen as silhouettes of themselves (or as colored dots or something) that are viewable through map geometry.
The player can have up to 4 camera's deployed at a time.
Cameras can be retrieved remotely by placing your crosshairs over them while having LOS and holding down the E button for 2 seconds.
The player can have up to 6 cameras in their inventory at a time. Cameras are found moderately.
-STORY in order to justify the fact that the player won't have to deal with invisible cameras, the player just enchants normal cameras in a special magic, thereby making invisible cameras "player specific".

(stolen from Dues ex: Human Revolution) When placing your crosshairs on a pony within LOS at any distance, one can press the mark button (the use button) which then "marks" that pony, marked ponies can be seen through walls in the form of a dot and a distance value, and when you place your crosshairs near the dot, a silhouette of the pony will become visible. The player can have up to 3 ponies marked, and can de-mark ponies by placing their crosshairs over the dot, and holding down the mark button (use button). This ability has no cost.

When behind low cover (with a cover system) the player can activate this ability with the use button (e),which places rather large mirrors such that you can see from that mirror what you would see if you were to put you head up to view. If activated from high cover (stuff you stand behind) this creates a mirror that reflects to you what you would see if you were standing at the side of the cover thus there are 3 templates for mirrors (2 sides, 1 top). The mirrors cannot be seen by enemies.

FORM 2 (mirrors)
While the player is crouched (or in any "stealthy" stance) the player has the option to create mirrors by looking in a direction and pressing the "activate" (Z) button, and 3 mirrors will created which will try and reveal to you objects in the direction that you have first selected. The 3 levitating mirrors are location parented to the player (doesn't rotate) and arranged such that there is 1 mirror that is greater on "Y axis" on the "view orientation" of the direction first selected ("above the player"), and the 2 mirrors are greater and lesser on the "X-axis" of the "view orientation of the direction (the side of the player). The mirror's try and avoid colliding with thou ground (or you could just make the mirrors viewable through obstructions).
The mirrors are 40% opaque but are 100% reflective.

*note on mirrors

A magically enhanced "dash" move that moves the player in a set direction (determined by movement direction) which can only be slightly controlled, the player maintains the ability to use abilities and weapons while dashing. The entire process of dashing takes around 2.5 seconds, during that time, the game moves at 0.2 times normal speed, with the player unaffected by the time alteration (the player fires at normal speed). When dashing is done, the player simply returns to a normal state facing the direction they were when they exited this state. The ability can be used to protect the player from close range enemies, or to advance upon ranged enemies quickly while not denying situation awareness or sense of control from the players, can also be used to dodge attacks. Uses 35 of 100 magic points, and 35 of 100 stamina.
Inspired by the game "vanquish" and the slomo state that is triggerable while using the rocket boost (sprint).


(taken from Crysis 2) when shot at, or when any bullets are fired for that matter, (except your own) the paths of the bullets are light up such that you will see their trajectory from the first person, in the form of bright orange lines (possibly with directional arrows on those lines to display direction of bullets).

A self recharging close range defensive ability that when triggered, emits a 360 "kinetic blast" that extends out 5 meters that pushes back and disorients enemies, but deal little-none damage to them. The rune is triggered if you take more than 25% of your maximum life in 1 second, which works by starting a timer whenever you are struck (if you are struck rapidly multiple timers can be active) and if you take 25% of you maximum life before a 1 second timer elapses, the ability triggers. Takes 60 seconds to recharge. (Designed to mitigate shotgun rushers)

A self recharging ability that mitigates 70% of damage for the next 2 seconds if you take more than 35% of health damage in a second, the ability will retroactively mitigate damage dealt over that 1 second provided it wasn't lethal damage. Takes 180 seconds to recharge. (Designed to mitigate shotgun rushers)


A somewhat obtuse weapon, designed to add a level of weird finesse to sniping, which it does by adding an additional axis to accommodate for when "firing this weapon", It works like this, instead of firing out a projectile that follows a path, it "Lights up" a coordinate which deals damage to anything within it, the coordinate is designated by the first 2 rotational axis's of the player's viewport, (assuming standard gimbal lock) and with the third coordinate designated by a Z-axis (from viewport) which the player would set with the mouse wheel depression (and then use the mouse wheel to change the disctance).
The third coordinate (depth) is acquired by moving your crosshair over a piece of level geometry, object, ect and then using the mouse wheel to set the designated depth. You cannot acquire the third coordinate initially from a pony, you mush find the coordinate from surrounding things. (The weapon can fire through walls)

Borrowing heavily from the coordinate sniper, this weapon acquires a 2 coordinates by using the crosshairs and a depth coordinate which is acquired by using the middle mouse button to set the distance at what your looking at and using the mousewheel to change the depth. The weapon dispenses a canister of knockout gas (like a flamethrower) through a portal that appears 7 meters above the coordinate (doing a visibility check at the coordinate so that it doesn't appear on the floor above the coordinate),which moves at a velocity of 0.2 times forward running speed to try and stay 7 meters above the coordinate (which can be moved around), which then disperses over the ground, creating a puddle of gas that deals "incapacitation damage" to any-pony in the gas, the gas piddles do not stack over each other, but a puddle is refreshed whenever it is gassed, this creates the effect of gassing large areas of ground.
Each puddle lasts for 7 seconds and deals 8 of 100 points of incapacitation damage to enemies.
(please note that I am aware people can abuse the gas artillery by placing their crosshairs at a ceiling and setting the depth to an absurd amount, but try and work around that in your heads if you can.)

--CORNERSHOT (reviewed)
(taken from real life) Is a weapon with a mounted camera on it which displays whatever it detects onto a very thin transparent "TV screen" that the player has attached to his helmet (or any other thing that can mount a small TV screen), the weapon can be adjusted between 3 modes, angled right, angled left, and angled straight, which alter the trajectory of the bullets, and the offset of the bullets.
Perhaps the best explanation I can give is this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMOmowaLVco but my suggestion places the TV screen on the player's helmet instead of on the gun so that it might be implemented as a hud element.
Here is a longer video on the cornershot gun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RaubAtWZQM

Fires out 10 projectiles in a shotgun pattern that possess the attribute "bouncing homing" to a point that the projectiles will alter their bounce trajectory to strike enemies almost perpendicular to the bounce trajectory (shooting directly at a wall will cause the pellets to strike an enemy that is 10 feet away from the "impact zone" who is near that wall). The projectiles will bounce 2 times and do not bounce off of enemies.
The projectiles themselves deal 70% life damage, and 30% CON damage ,after each bounce the projectiles "trade" 30% of their life damage, for 30% CON damage. (so after the first bounce the shots deal 40% life and 60% con, and after second bounce, they deal 10% life and 90% con).
(see the attribute of "bouncing homing" in another suggestion above Use CTRL-F to find it)

If an enemies CON (constitution) is reduced to zero they are incapacitated.

A weapon whose projectile's it fires are dependent on criteria like movement, how many enemies nearby, if you are undetected,ETC. Due to the complexity and potential arbitrariness of the modes this weapon can have, one can give it any number of abilities with any number of modes, but here is my more concrete suggestion.
(MY SUGGESTION) There is no reloading for this weapon nor is there any delay between switching modes, the weapon accepts any type of ammunition and then irreversibly converts it into it's own ammunition, which then "powers" all weapons. The weapon come with a scope,a "power mode" which grants access to more powerful weapon, and a "knockout mode" which grants access to incapacitating weapons. Different projectiles require different quantities of ammunition (a assault rifle bullet is cheaper than a rocket)

The weapons and prerequisite modes are as follows.
1.The prerequisite detected means being detected by foes in combat mode either directly or through alternate sensors.
2.Prerequisite phrases such as "forward" "backward" "left" mean that you must be moving or strafing in that direction. Sideways means that the player can be moving either left or right.
3.The prerequisite "power mode" means that the player has power mode toggled on. The prerequisite "knockout mode" means the player has knockout mode toggled on. (both can't be on at the same time)
4.If a prerequisite mentions distance, it refers to the distance from the player (2 enemies 10 meters means there has to be 2 enemies 10 meters away from the player in a sphere).

assault rifle---stationary,standing,detected
semi-auto sniper---stationary,standing,using scope,detected
alpha-strike sniper---stationary,crouching,using scope,undetected
grenade launcher---backwards,standing,detected,power mode
tranquilizer sniper---crouching,standing,stationary,using scope,undetected,not being looked at
dumb-fire HE rocket---power mode,enemy near crosshair,2 enemy within 10 meters away,powerful enemy within 25 meters
homing rockets---power mode,crosshair over enemy for 3 second,locked enemy 20 meters away
taser---crouching,knockout mode
life-steal dart---undetected,stationary,health>20%,scoping

ART:Derived from images of high tech morphing metal made of nanobots, this weapon is a large "cylinder" supported by undermounted "gun" which ponies use to support the weapon, the "cylinder" is always ready to morph into a weapon,and is always morphed as a weapon. (there is no cylinder Idea )

--RETURNER SWORD (reviewed)
A powerful melee weapon that can 1-shot ponies, the catch is that the weapon will return the life force of struck pony back to it (to the point that it resurrects ponies), therefor turning the weapon into some kind of exotic incapacitatant.

suggestion dump Shotgunsniper
Designed to weaken the sniper by crippling it's ability to engage targets behind cover. This weapon fires out a single round which upon meeting certain coditions (being within 3 meters from an enemy, an enemy is within a "cone projected in front of the round, a certain time has elapsed) explodes into a bunch of pellets, which then spread out like shotgun pellets. The base damage of the main projectile is low, and in order to activate the shotgun effect, one would need to mainain a scoped mode for 3 seconds.

Inspired by the sky shield 35 Ahead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0oHvqIUEmY (look at 3:20-3:30 and at 3:40-5:00)

Fires 6-9 shots in rapid succession with a substantial amount of recoil.

This weapon only works in scoped mode, and when fired there is a 1.2 second delay. During the delay a line will appear on the scope, with 1 point at the crosshair point, and the other point ending somewhere in a "zone" shaped like an upside-down triangle, which summarizes the "path" of the recoil of the gun. After the delay, the weapon fires, and it is up to the player to use the line to help them compensate for the recoil of the weapon.

Inspired by the kill-burst ammunition for the pistol in ID's RAGE game

3. FLAK SNIPER, each round checks these 2 things constantly.
1. does the projectile have LOS of an enemy.

2. is the projectile within 2 meters of an enemy.

If both conditions are true, the projectile explodes.

Fires out a continuous laser that deals quite a bit of damage (kills in 5 seconds of continuous fire). The weapon can be fired for 4.5 seconds before overheating/reloading. The weapon is comparable to the burst sniper in that damage is done over time, but has little recoil and a slightly weaker first strike.

You could give these weapon the "chain lightning" rule mentioned in another suggestion.

Acts like a laser stream sniper but has a 50% chance of incapacitating a enemy instead of killing him, Or you could make the weapon deal constitution damage instead of health damage.

One could also give the weapon the "chain lightning" rule from my classification of unique weapon attributes, to give it indirect assault abilities. (as well as making it dangerously similar to F.E.A.R. 3'S arc beam weapon)

suggestion dump Parallelsniper
Somewhat like a shotgun, except it fires 8 (or more) rounds in a circular manner with each bullet's trajectory parallel.
The diameter of the circle is slightly smaller than the size of a ponies head (which is huge), which entails that the weapon will make numerous glancing blows on the skull.

The weapon can either fire out each bullet from it's own barrel (which would look weird) or it can fire a multistage splitting projectile which goes through these steps.
1. the main round is fired out.
2. the round splits into 8 sub-rounds, with each sub-round traveling along a trajectory that will place it in that aforementioned circular pattern.
The main round is in the center of this event, still intact.
3. The main round emits an attractive force that bends the trajectories of the sub-rounds into the mentioned parallel trajectory.

Fires like a normal sniper rifle, but fires remotely activated tranquilizer darts tipped anesthetic liquid with little force that makes somatosensory detection of the event difficult, The darts can be activated remotely deal incapacitate ponies struck with the weapon.
Alternately you could change the darts so that there is a delay before incapacitation dependent on where you struck your enemy (a 5 second delay if you strike the foot, a 3 second delay if you strike the chest, a 2 second delay if you strike the head, instantaneous if you strike the neck)

Somatosensory Detection of the darts is influenced by things like "are the ponies fighting", "are the ponies doing manual labor" ECT.

NOTE* The snipers were created due to a possible illusionary concern that sniper rifles in this game would be too powerful due to their cover mitigating projectile and recoil attributes.I offered some wacky workarounds to their power such that they don't possess such a powerful first-strike, or by diffusing the weapon to make it more comparable to a shotgun, or a assault rifle.

+-----------GAME SYSTEMS

Much more significant a alteration than changing ammunition (although changing ammunition can have dramatic effects) in that the functionally of the weapon is altered or changed completely. It works like this, from a list of variants you select one (one of those wacky sniper rifles I suggested), and then the weapon's functions change as described in the variants, (I feel this is pointless given weapon switching).

Inspired by Diablo 3's ability rune system. http://www.shacknews.com/article/55258/diablo-3-lead-designer-reveals (but my suggestions are sidegrades, the variants described here are more like upgrades.)

--DUAL HEALTH (reviewed)
Each pony has 2 types of health, LIFE, and CONSTITUTION, where setting life to 0 causes death and setting constitution to 0 causes incapacitation.
Each strike on a pony (and perhaps scaring them) causes a reduction to either LIF or CON, with some attacks affecting LIF and CON in different quantities.

Whenever an enemy is detected, by selected(your choice of, arbitrary) sensors (visual, thermal, audio, exotic ability, binoculars, deployed camera), the enemies will show up on the player's minimap or as silhouettes (or anything else you want them to be represented by) which can be seen through walls, This "debuff" on enemies lasts for 20 seconds or as long as the enemy is continuously detected.

This kind of system is more an augment to existing detection methods due to it being more "passive" and "hands off" since it is less of a thing you need to go out of you way to do.

Whenever an enemy is created in game it is given a random/y added "bonus" to it's abilities/capabilities like extra health, extra maneuverability, throws grenades, (or anything that you might see as a champion affix in diablo 3). You may also want to consider adding in weaknesses to the enemy like susceptibility to flashbangs, exploitable paranoia,etc. This system works well with cutie marks in the TV show so it may be worth considering.
NOTE: You can improvise bosses with these random attributes, maybe much more economical to do it this way than to make unique ponies to defeat.

More of a possible consequence of the ENEMY RANDOM ATTRIBUTE (ERA). In this system, there exist many weaker "henchmen" enemies and very strong "boss" enemies in a level, and stealth and cleverness is promoted through the need for the player to defeat henchmen enemies, while avoiding boss enemies.

Works just like the movement system in the COD MW games except that you cannot fire weapons in "quadrepedal mode" (which is the standard transit mode), and in order to fire weapons, the player must go into a much slower "bipedal mode", that lets them fire their weapons, with expected movement penalties ex, moving in bipedal mode reduces accuracy. Bipedal mode cannot sprint,crouch,prone,ETC and can only move basicly in each of the 4 (8 when combining keyboard buttons) directions. Bipedal mode can be exited at any time and constantly drains stanima while in use.
Weapons can also be fired in a prone stance.


Primarily designed to be placed on enemy/ally ponies, it checks life-signs, primarily brainwave activity, if the subject fails these checks, the glyph consumes itself to resurrect/resuscitate the pony it was attached to. This event cannot be disrupted nor can the glyph be destroyed/removed from the pony, the pony is then teleported to a safe location. This feature is primarily designed to promote less-than-lethal attacks, since seriously disrupting the enemy ponies vital signs would trigger the glyph, and thus necessitate another physical altercation with him.
--ART:Taking the form of a tough piece of metal, or leather (or sometimes tattooed into it's skin) with a specific symbol (perhaps a tree) embellished and enchanted on the object, the object dimly glows constantly, but when activated, levitates, shines brightly, and then dissipates into sentient magical energies that restore the pony.
If the pony is dismembered, dissolved(in acid), or thoroughly destroyed (such as vaporized by atomic bomb), the glyph will restore the flesh of the pony, (such as turning ashes to flesh), levitated the flesh back into it's anatomical position, and then the flesh is mended back into the pony, the pony is then teleported to a safe location determined by the sentient magics.
The glyph seems to correlate well with the happy-go-lucky nature of the show (as well as the stealth promoting nature of your project piedoom), so I have some hope for it's implementation.

An enemy with recovery stasis when struck with lethal damage, will instead of dieing be reduced down to 7% of their maximum health and then be put into a stasis, for 9 seconds, during that time the enemy takes 50% reduced incoming damage, but if lethal damage is done to the enemy during this time, the enemies dies, however if the enemy isn't killed in those 9 seconds, the enemy comes out of stasis with 90% of their life back.
(this idea was ripped from the morlu legionnaires in diablo 3)


Health: 100%. Speed: 100%.
A earth pony that has concocted a truly bizarre potion that effectively lets him interact with objects using a "spirit" that acts for him, with his physical body trailing behind it, preforming all the actions the spirit did 3 seconds ago, making it appear that his spirit and body are separate by time but connected in action.
This pony comes equipped with a special ceremonial dagger that has been imbued such that it will go corporeal with him in "spirit mode" and uses it as a weapon against his foes, this foe comes with 2 attacks, firstly a easily dodgeable short-range melee attack preformed in a semicircle in front of himself, and an easily dodgeable charge attack that forces the player to sidestep (you can't out sprint it). Both attacks deal about 30% of player's HP worth of damage. In order to defeat this enemy, the player must strike at the "physical" body enough times to kill or incapacitate the enemy. The "spirit" of the pony is the part of the enemy that will actively be seeking you out and attacking you, the body copies the spirit and can accidentally damage the player (if you happen to be in the line of fire). The enemy runs a little bit slower than the player's run speed.
Inspired by the serapede in gears of war 3, and the spirit walk ability in diablo 3.

Health: 100%. Speed:120%
A low-ranking aggressive Pegasus that uses his natural mobility to rush into enemies with his shotgun equipped helmet (sounds wacky ain't it?) whole barrels are facing forward so it can look at enemies at close range and fire, defeating them. The mobility is characterized by standard pony movement multiplied by 1.2, and possesses a speedy dash move that moves it in a single direction with a rather long recovery at the termination of the dash (so that it ain't too brutally effective). The shotgun blast that it preforms deals 70% player health damage and stuns itself for 3 seconds. The pony only has 2 shots in his helmet, which upon depletion, runs away. (or just starts using frontal melee attacks).


Health: 170%. Speed:90%
A unicorn that has the ability to levitate many firearms around 4 meters of itself and can recover fallen firearms of allies to add to it's swarm. This pony naturally has tremendous firepower but due to the difficulty of controlling so many firearms has severe accuracy issues, and is very reluctant to discard firearms in favor for greater dexterity and perceptiveness, and will gather up fallen firearms on the ground to augment it's firepower. For each weapon the gunswarm acquires, his accuracy, dexterity, and perceptiveness of the weapons will decrease, the gunswarm can have a maximum of 9 weapons in his "gunswarm" but at that point functions comparable to a automatic shotgun in terms of accuracy. Generally it is best to use sniper weapons or grenades (due to the lowered perceptiveness) to engage this enemy, after flooding it with weapons.

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Note: G:(game title) W:(weapon)
Note: The word event refers to any arbitrary "event" such as a time after firing, the press of a keyboard button, the incapacitation of an enemy, a set distance traveled by the projectile, ECT.

+----------ACCUMULATING: attacks stack onto a target untill a set number of attack have accumulated onto the target which triggers a special effect (needler from the halo series) G:halo series W:needler

+----------EXPLOSIVE: projectiles explode under certain conditions (like when near an enemy to create flak or after a certain distance/time)

+----------LASHING: when an enemy is near this projectile, the projectile will lash out at the target G:Planetside W:lasher

+-----------CHAIN LIGHTNING: when projectile hits a target, or hits an object near the target, the weapon will "lash" out at nearby targets and those target will then "lash" out at other targets. G: fear 3 W:arc beam

+-----------SIZED: the projectile instead occupies a volume that can be in any shape (usually a sphere) moving at any velocity (infinite is also an option) and when an enemy is on the tangent, or is within the volume, he takes damage/suffers an effect.

+-----------BOUNCING:Projectiles bounce after any event.
--BOUNCING: projectiles bounce upon striking (or any other event) an object in a predictable or unpredictable manner. G:turok 2 W:shredder
--BOUNCING HOMING: projectiles will reorient their bounce trajectories such that they will strike enemies.

+-----------PENETRATING:Projectiles penetrates stuff
--WALL PENETRATING: penetrates world geometry G:red faction W: railgun
--ENEMY PENETRATING: penetrates through enemies and other AI.

+-----------BLOCKED:projectile is blocked my something.
--WALL BLOCKED: projectile is blocked by world geometry
--ENEMY BLOCKED: projectile is blocked by enemies and other AI.

+------------BENDING TRAJECTORIES: projectiles don't move in a straight line, but may move in odd ways such as moving from side to side during flight in an S pattern
--HOMING: projectiles will bend their trajectories to hit a target

+------------SPLITTING: projectiles will split into other projectiles when a certain condition is met

+------------SPEED:the projectile moves at any speed
--INSTANTANEOUS: projectiles move instantly with no acceleration
--LINEAR VELOCITY: projectiles move at a constant velocity
--ALTERNATING VELOCITY: projectile's velocity changes over the course of the projectile's path (how the halo 3 sniper rifle had instant velocity up to a certain distance and then switched to a linear velocity).


+---------ANGLED FIRING: projectiles fire out of a set point but the trajectories of the fired projectiles vary, a trivial detail (due to there being an angled firing in many games to simulate weapon recoil)
--CROSSHAIR BLOOM ON ROTATION:Whenever you move you view (crosshairs) your crosshair will expand dependent of the amount of movement (more movement more bloom, less movement less bloom), and your crosshair continually retract back into a sniping-worthy crosshair if you do not move your view. G:planetside W:bolt driver
--AIMING SWERVE:As one aims his view will randomly rotate by small amounts to make sniping challenging. Depending on the stance one takes, the rotation can be increased or decreased, (to promote sniping from the prone position like real snipers).
For an example of this attribute watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2YvAwasFyc (although note that the swerve is only in effect while he moves his crosshair, not when hes aiming, due to a swerve mitigation button he presses.)

+----------OFFSET FIRING: projectiles don't "fire" out of the crosshair or a set point exactly.

+----------PREREQUIRING:Weapon requires certain prerequisites to fire, EX,using scope, having lock-on,sprinting,ECT.
--REQUIRES LOCKON:weapon requires lockon to fire G:1turok 2, 2planetside W: 1cerebral bore, 2starfire,sparrow.
--REQUIRES SCOPE:Weapon has to be in scoped mode to fire.


+-----------LINGERING: leaves a damaging field in the wake of the event G:far cry 3 W:molotov

+-----------MULTISTAGE SUMMON: the weapon fires out a laser (or some equivalent) which may require a "charge up" which then calls in an airstrike (or maybe an ally or something).

+-----------MULTISTAGE: ??? whatever you want to think up ???

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Reconnaissance as a major gameplay feature?

those overpowered binoculars from far cry?

In the event of powerful suppressing (you gotta dodge attacks) enemies, would damage over time abilities be especially valuable?

-actiony stealth would involve lots of abilities with high enemy awareness. (self note)

-self note
"Rookie guns" (think diablo 3's elective mode, or any RPG's learning curve)

-mechanical offsets.

things influenced by this attribute behave as if the graphics representing them in the game world are instead "accurate illusions" and the actual effect (which effects the player) would in fact be offset from the thing by a set amount and a set distance (for example a hoove gernade would only blast 5 feet east of the actual graphic)

I have a feeling this idea needs to be developed.

While I don't know too much about what this person is talking about, you might want to take a look at this video piedoom.


but more importantly you might wanna take a look at this forum board (project stealth's)


cloud of guided pepper spray

weapon design possibilities
1. transforming weapons (either mechanical or nanoclay)
2. segmented weapons (halo 4's forerunner weaps)
3. base and template design (vanquish weaps)


(these function as "reserved posts" for the main poster to use)[list=1][*]

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I have absolutely no idea what you said in the first paragraph. Anyway, sorry for not responding that quickly. I'm still quite sick, but I'll be back on board soon.

suggestion dump 2he91z5
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Lets just start out by saying many of these I can neither throw out nor accept, as we'll have to see later on. But wow, that's a long list of suggestions, and it's certainly a commendable undertaking, and I thank you for your interest.

Lets see...

Your comments about stealth and combat mode- I do like these ideas, I was planning on having this sort of system. Though, I'd like to think up some way to make it unique, as this sort of stealth gameplay has been used time and time again. What I'd like to do is try to break the separation between stealth and combat, so it isn't so obvious when it changes. Rather than the AI being ON or OFF, it'd be cool if they were able of being mildly alerted, suspicious, etc. etc. etc. You know what I mean

RECONNAISSANCE SPHERE - Not sure if this is fairly doable with our skillset and game-play options. The ability to smash through walls would (in my opinion) lead to much confusion, so I'd rather leave smashing walls to specific events and such.

TELEPATHY (CAMERA STYLE) - Love this idea! Very neat-o. Actually, sometime that the coders can work on... Hmm. Gonna tag this one for later

INVISO COVER - Good idea, not sure how gameplay would work out, but certainly something to look into. I like the idea of a cover rather than a full on invis-suit, sort of like a last-stand option
Details on this one provided were quite extensive, and although it's good to have rules, I feel as having to many things may overwhelm the player, so I'd just put in intuitive things, like the dissipation of the cover when hit. Right now I'm thinking of the sort of deployable cover available in Halo.
Also, this inspires me to think of something else- what about a sort of magic wall that can shut off ends of hallways, and can only be removed by force/magic? Hmm.

COORDINATE SNIPER - very interesting concept, though it could be hay in the game (or quite fun for that matter)

COORDINATE GAS ARTILLERY - Not to sure what to say on this one.

CORNERSHOT - I've seen this on Future weapons. Very cool. Maybe instead, players can just combine their use of the telepathy camera and a gun to see enemies?

RESURRECTION GLYPH - sounds kind of dark... Not sure If I wanna go there.
Probably will anyway.

DUAL HEALTH - sounds a bit complicated. What I would like is just a basic system of critical hits, so e.g. if you shoot at a foot 2000 times, you can slow the enemy, but he won't die (well, for a while until bleeding kicks in)
I hate playing MW3, and dying because a throwing knife hit my boot.

all I have to say about that

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(and storage)

Health 200%. Speed 90%
An area denial unicorn, but does so without harming the player, generally tries to stay at a distance and use it's area freeze ability at a distance to chill the ground which causes the all units in the area to dramatically lose accuracy, and lose 40% of their movement. (UNFINISHED)

PHASE SHIFTER (scrin from command and conquer 3)
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suggestion dump
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