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 What this board is used for; Application Rules

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What this board is used for; Application Rules Empty
PostSubject: What this board is used for; Application Rules   What this board is used for; Application Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 20, 2012 5:25 pm

This forum will be used for anything you have to contribute to Immolation.

Applications are for those of you who would like to contribute your work and time to developing this game. Applications must include the following:
-Your Username
-Your Skills (e.g. a software for however many years experience)
-Desired Role in development (e.g. coder, animator, etc.)
-Examples. This is the most important factor of your application. Please post examples of your best work to be judged.

Please submit a video(s) of your work to date.
Submit Script examples IN USE. I'm not a very advanced coder, so don't show a page of C++ and expect it to be understood.
Your work must be top quality. Primitives don't cut it. You must show that you understand your software, and it's relations with Unreal.
When posting pictures of your work, include a Render, a wireframe, and a polycount in TRIs.
We are not currently looking for composers.
----Story Writers--
Post your writing skills here! Must be able to show off the ability to develop complex storylines, characters, and scenes.
----2D artists------
Concept artists post your best works!
----Voice Actors---
As of now, the game is not far along in development for this skill to be of use. However, you may submit an audition and shall be contacted upon the reaching of that stage.
----Level Designers---
Same as above, except post your best levels. Make sure you show an understanding of UDK.

to apply, start a new threat in this forum.

Single submissions go in the "Submission" forum.

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What this board is used for; Application Rules
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