A MLP-inspired Unity game.
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Don't know if you guys are familiar, but take a look at http://balloonparty.bandcamp.com/
It's made itself to the #1 top selling on Bandcamp, even broke the site.
Psst, my track is 15
I have no idea how I got in my song is sh1t
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this needs to come out
right now.
Hopefully we'll get a UDK 4.
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I'm pretty much 30% dead, so don't even bother trying to explain anything complicated to me.
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I jest.
But yay.
man I hate this censor
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Yeah. Well, we will be easing back into development. Past few weeks have been a bit crazy, not to mention I've been working religiously on my Balloon Party song.
'nyway, I deem this week to be "Make the development Team work so hard that they die" week. So this will be fun.


censored by my own forum...
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Anyway, it's a fun holiday for Christians and consumerists, so I wish you all a happy day.
I have a hipster religion that still goes on old Calendar so I can't join in.
Hipsting, out.
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Modeling lapse miniupdate.
Now with 100% more abrupt ending and lack of comprehensible content.
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New Theme along with the update, thought I should post it here.

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Well, we will release sometime on the weekend.
Serious this time. We're busy tying up loose ends and gathering everything together.
You can expect some new models, songs, and our featured presentation of writing.
Stay tuned to Channel 3.
It's a good channel.
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Welp, we've got a ton of new members here at [i]! 3 coders, and an awesome writer. Neveda0 joins us as a writer, and Thunderseethe, Amtunlimited, and RabidNudist join us as our coders.
We've got some stuff in store for you guys! I'll post the update exclusively to Equestria Gaming, and alert you via newspost when it happens so you can check it out.
I really have to start modeling and stop making songs...
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We're a game. So disregard the times when I say "mod".
I'm still back at Fall of Saigon.
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Memoirs - Mod DB
New song up, guys! Senntenial made us a short music box tune, pretty haunting. He tells me that he has many more compositions to share once we update on EG and ModDB!
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Immolation's Youtube Channel *Click here*

Subscribe to youtube for latest news and songs!
I also post the occassional non-game songs by one of our music guys, Senntenial, or a few funny videos.

Also, I'm hoping to get an update out soon. Keep an eye out, some new songs and HOPEFULLY a first person character rig.
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Not much to say, some props are getting done. I'm hoping to get the 1st person character mesh animated & coded by the next release.
Happy Valentines day, everyone.
And Singles appreciation day *cough*me*cough*.
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RawrMrGreen agreed to help out with the animation aspect of Immolation. To get him to work, I'm going to try to get a first person mesh of legs modeled and rigged. Get 'em animated and in game!

RawrMrGreen's Youtube Channel
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I'll be getting back to work on [i] sometime this weekend, so keep a watch out. Also, keep note that these forums are living- most of the topics are posted in a
mod-team-only section, though. Don't be shy, start a thread!
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Hello, guys. Just letting you know that Immolation is going to be taking a pause for the next week, I'm going to be working on the Sourcemod "Fall of Saigon." Visit the forums! http://www.fallofsaigonmod.com/

Actually I lied a bit. I can't stay away from my own game development...
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Keep in mind I just re-used a song. I'm saving everything I've composed for the game until a big update Very Happy
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Here's the report:
NeonStorm (AKA Volldegine) is working on some neat horror/ambient tunes- they are sounding really great. I'd love to make some scary bits in the game- more psychological than gory - like the "Amnesia" Scary as opposed to the "Dead Space" scary.

I've been composing as well, and have 2 new songs out, one being Reverie, and the other a secret that I will post along with the ModDB news update! I'm also working on more architectural props and features, such as doors and more wall types.

[Tox(sic)] and I have been discussing some story...
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A blog site called Equestria Gaming has written up a small article about Immolation!
Check it out!
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new soundtrack
still gotta master
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[Tox(sic)] Joined us today as our first writer. Everyone say hi!
Let's get a nice twisty story line written.
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Keep an eye out for it on ModDB and IndieDB!
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Can you understand the three references in the new game-board model?

NEWS Tumblr_ly5vmawaS71ql61vno1_500
NEWS Tumblr_ly5vmawaS71ql61vno2_500
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As of now I'm taking a break from modeling out the main character and making a boardgame prop. Next up is a table, and fixing up the UV's on the ceiling props. Also, I've commissioned an artist to draw up some pretty concept art. Her dA is here- http://arelia-dawn.deviantart.com/ . I've also been contacted by a writer and am currently evaluating his/her work.
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If you guy's haven't been redirected from my ModDB page, take a minute to look at it here.

Immolation is a FPS game based loosely on the characters from the internet phenomena "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

Too many words. Post pictures!

NEWS Floor111 Basic room.
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